June 20, 2021


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Why food items sticks to nonstick frying pans — ScienceDaily

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Inspite of the use of nonstick frying pans, meals will at times get stuck to a heated area, even if oil is utilised. The final results can be really messy and unappetizing.

Scientists at the Czech Academy of Sciences commenced an investigation of the fluid attributes of oil on a flat surface, these as a frying pan. Their work, reported in Physics of Fluids, by AIP Publishing, demonstrates convection may well be to blame for our trapped-on food stuff.

The experimental investigation employed a nonstick pan with a surface area comprised of ceramic particles. A movie camera was positioned above the pan as it was heated and made use of to evaluate the speed at which a dry spot shaped and grew. Further experiments with a Teflon-coated pan confirmed the exact same.

“We experimentally described why food items sticks to the heart of the frying pan,” stated writer Alexander Fedorchenko. “This is induced by the development of a dry place in the skinny sunflower oil film as a result of thermocapillary convection.”

When the pan is heated from beneath, a temperature gradient is proven in the oil film. For common liquids, this sort of as the sunflower oil utilized in the experiment, the floor pressure decreases when temperature increases. A surface area stress gradient is established, directed absent from the center where the temperature is higher and towards the pan’s periphery.

This gradient sets up a style of convection known as thermocapillary convection, which moves oil outward. When the oil movie in the middle gets to be thinner than a vital worth, the movie ruptures.

The scientists determined the disorders that guide to dry spots for both stationary and flowing movies. These ailments include things like a lower in the neighborhood movie thickness below a important dimensions as nicely as the dimension of the deformed location falling beneath a range acknowledged as the capillary size.

“To steer clear of unwelcome dry places, the subsequent set of steps should be utilized: escalating the oil film thickness, average heating, entirely wetting the area of the pan with oil, utilizing a pan with a thick bottom, or stirring food stuff consistently all through cooking,” Fedorchenko reported.

The phenomenon also takes place in other scenarios, these as the thin liquid films utilized in fluid distillation columns or other units that might have digital factors.

“Dry location development or movie rupture performs a adverse role, ensuing in sharp overheating of the digital parts,” reported Fedorchenko. “The benefits of this review may well, as a result, have broader software.”

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