April 20, 2021


Do it with Food.

Skip the protein bar! Houston physical fitness instructor shares finest foods to gas your workout routines

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HOUSTON – If you’re seeking for a way to move up your physical fitness regime this 12 months, here’s a thing that could possibly fascination you. Did you know specific foods can actually help you choose your training even more? AJ “The Cardio Killer” Nebe shares what we must be eating ahead of and right after our workout routines.

“You want to treat your body like a Ferrari,” mentioned Nebe. “Ferrari’s are made to be fueled by top quality fuel. Of system, you can use unleaded, but the automobile will not operate at its entire ability.”

In accordance to Nebe, the fantastic pre-exercise routine meal need to consist of two issues: carbs and protein. Meals should really be eaten one to a few hrs before exercising, nevertheless liquid meals like protein smoothies can be eaten closer to your workout.

“If you have undigested foods in your process, that may possibly cause discomfort for the duration of your exercise session,” explained Nebe.

Listed here are some food items Nebe endorses to consume in advance of doing exercises.

AJ Nebe, Fitness Teacher, claims get to for sweet potatoes as a pre-exercise routine snack. (HausOnThePrairie)
  • Lean protein: boosts fat burning capacity & increase unwanted fat burning

  • Sweet potatoes: supply constant power for for a longer period time period

  • Greek yogurt: incorporates amino acids, which help create muscles

For write-up-workout, Nebe suggests it is significant to lower muscle protein breakdown and increase expansion via protein synthesis. It’s also excellent to replenish muscle glycogen. These in conjunction can assistance to minimize cortisol levels and muscle mass soreness.


“Remember when you are performing out, you’re tearing people muscle fibers, and your muscle tissue will have to have fast enable in order to repair service,” explained Nebe.

Below is what Nebe indicates to achieve for immediately after you exercise.

AJ Nebe, Fitness Instructor, says a smoothie or protein shake are great ways to refuel your body post-workout.
AJ Nebe, Health and fitness Teacher, states a smoothie or protein shake are great techniques to refuel your body write-up-training. (Copyright 2020 by KPRC Click2Houston – All legal rights reserved.)
  • Protein Shake: eat inside 45 min. of exercise session for utmost benefit

  • Lean protein: decreases appetite and allows to retain muscle mass

  • Brown rice: very low glycemic index and superior carb written content enable fast entry to nutrients for recovery

To link with AJ Nebe, go to his Instagram web site @iamthecardiokiller

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